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Energy Enhancement Systems

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, EESystem Inventor


          Dr. Sandra was the child of an atomic physicist and aerospace electrical engineer. She grew up predisposed to asking engineering and physics questions, with her primary concern being, "How do we heal all of this?"

         She studied many healing modalities like reflexology, chiropractic, nutrition, Ayurveda, acupuncture, and much more; she has also studied RIFE technology and radionics. Using her background she started her work with scaler waves, and by 1978 she made her first "scaler healing light chamber", with research she did on photons and Biophotonics while at NASA.

         She explains that the technology doesn't do any of the healing, it just creates an environment that lets your body heal itself. Bringing out the wisdom in your DNA to mobilize the body's own cellular replication patterns.

Maximize your EE benefits

Liquid Ripples
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This is How the EESYSTEM WORKS!!

This is How the EESYSTEM WORKS!!

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         Biophotonics is a multidisciplinary field that combines biology, optics, and photonics (science of generating and manipulating light) to study and manipulate biological systems using light-based technologies. It involves the interaction of light with biological materials, for various applications in life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology.​ Some examples are Spectroscopy (reading biomolecules like DNA and proteins using light), Optical manipulation (Using light to manipulate biological systems at the microscopic level, like laser microdissection), Optogenetics (taking advantage of light sensitive proteins, to control activity of specific cells by selectively activating cells and parts of cells using light), and Photodynamic therapy or PDT (using light-sensitive photosensitizers to selectively damage cancer cells or other conditions with specific wavelengths).

​​​         Biophotonics is non-invasive in nature, and its ability to monitor and effect biological processes in real-time make it a valuable tool for advancing our understanding biological science, quantum biology, and developing innovative medical technologies.

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