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About Us

Powhatan, Virginia

Wholeness Remembered is a private membership association founded for people who want access to scalar wave technology in a private setting. Here, in rural Powhatan county, people to have access to this reinvigorating technology while able to relax and unwind in the privacy of a studio apartment. As such, when you book time on our property, no other members can book the same time slots. This gives everyone the opportunity to meditate, watch movies, listen to soothing music, or conduct business while being emersed in scalar waves. At Wholeness Remembered we believe that you'll sleep better if you can fully relax, so we've made our overnight sessions private too. We are located about 49 minutes from the Richmond International Airport.

About the Founders

Joellen Saddock, Michael Laroche, and their children have a lot of irons in the proverbial fire. Aside from her day job in property management, Joellen Saddock is also a published author. Michael Laroche is a framer (who built the building for Wholeness Remembered) but he's also an amazing musician. Their IT guy is one of their sons, who is a also a talented artist. He is available for hire to make personalized drawings. Check out some of our other stuff!

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