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About Your Stay


Your membership agreement gives you access to the facility and equipment, and your "session" is the amount of time that you have rented the space. Once you become a member, you will receive a code that you can use to get into the facility. The facility is located in the 2nd story of an outbuilding on the property (the address will appear on your receipt of payment). There is no elevator; the facility is only accessible by stairs, so anyone needing assistance should travel with people who can help them (or coordinate their stay with a staff member who can assist.)

The facility—aside from the scalar wave technology—boasts a fully furnished studio apartment. It has a kitchenette and a full bathroom. Linens are available upon request. Zero gravity camping chairs are also available. The place seats 10–12 members comfortably but only sleeps 5–6 comfortably. (There are 2 twin mattresses and 2 pull-out couches.) We have a collection of eye masks that we launder regularly because not everyone enjoys the brightness of the screens during the night hours.

The facility also has a near & far infrared Sunlighten sauna which members have access to during their stay. The sauna is rated as one of the lowest VOC and EMF saunas available and has speakers and a heat-resistant tablet installed inside. This allows access to entertainment, guided meditations, binary beats, and anything else one can find on  the internet.

The Wi-Fi password is posted in the facility.

We also have a retractable gate set up that can be pulled across the yard entrance to provide a small grassy area for anyone traveling with their pets. We ask that no one enter the gated backyard. (This helps us keep our pets and children from getting lost or escaping into the road.)

Both upstairs and downstairs have fire alarms and escape ladders (still in boxes) located inside the facility beneath both windows.

When your session ends, we ask that you leave as promptly as possible so that we have time to freshen up the place for the next member. We also ask that you wash any dishes that you’ve used during your stay.

Sorry! We just lunched...

This page is still in the works. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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